How long will the Endocarb System last?
When used as directed in the instruction manual, the core unit should last about ten years and can be replaced all or in part. The ancillary parts should last much longer.

What kind of maintenance is required?
The Endocarb System is almost maintenance free. It does not require any special maintenance. It has a spark plug that will last more than one year. The Endocarb System will produce a clean load of work with over 30% less carburizing time required and will allow back to back loads indefinitely. Carbon control is accomplished in the normal Heavy Carbon Co. work cycle.

How many furnaces can I convert?

If you wish to convert one furnace or one hundred furnaces to the Endocarb System, we can accommodate! The Heavy Carbon Co. will supply the necessary equipment for the installation. You may install the system yourself or make arrangements for the Heavy Carbon Co. to install it for you.

How does a retrofit work?
For a retrofit, the furnace must be shut down. Once the furnace is cooled enough for a man to work inside the furnace, it will take about five days or less to complete the installation if the Heavy Carbon Co. is allowed to work more than normal hours.

What if I’m planning the purchase of a new carburizing furnace?
If your company is planning to purchase a new carburizing furnace, it would be to your great advantage to have an Endocarb System installed during the construction of a new furnace. The Heavy Carbon Co. will cooperate and work with any furnace manufacturer. Just let the furnace manufacturer know that the addition of an Endocarb System is a requirement.

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Our challenge to you:
The Endocarb System is      
presently in operation at a commercial heat treating company near Cleveland. It is possible to process as many loads as you wish to try it out.