Carburizing with Method 4

Carburizing soot free is very easy with the Heavy Carbon Co. Endocarb system. This system uses a new space age invention called method 4. With method 4, it is possible to carburize 0.20 points or more above the soot range which is between 1.25 and 1.30%C without the undesirable results of soot formation. The reason for this is because the cracking reaction for the air/gas mix is constant. Also, with this system, only the gas flow is adjusted to raise or lower the carbon potential. Controlling the gas flow only, with this system, saves money because it eliminates the action of adding too much gas and then burning it off with air for CP control. Method 4 as used with the endocarb system is very forgiving and easy to operate. While the CP and the atmosphere reaction are constant, the CH4 is always under control. This provides a no limit case depth without a burn off of excess carbon or soot. After carburizing a load of work for any case depth, using a 1.5%C, it is possible to run a clean hardening load of work at a 0.40%C or a lower CP if required. There is no reason for a burn off procedure as in methods 1, 2, and 3 if there is no soot to burn off. Carburizing with a 1.50%C with the endocarb system will produce a desirable, clean, high carbon, oxide free, sharp drop in carbon at the ECD for a ductile core. This is accomplished about 30 to 40% faster than using a conventional system. All of this occurs while consuming far less natural gas and electricity.

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Carburizing with the endocarb system produces a desirable clean, high carbon, oxide free, sharp drop in carbon at the ECD for a ductile core.